21 Commandments of Real Estate Business

If you have read RICH DAD’s Books or went to some seminars that told you Real Estate Investments are the only true investments, you must have wondered how do you go about it.

Real Estate investment need not be as risky as it is being projected all over town. This is a cool business for many young and silent millionaires in this country.

Real Estate is also an High Yield investment when done with some creativity. And I can assure you, you’ll need lots of creativity for you Real Estate Business to make REAL money.Trump-21

Our role model in the planet, Donald Trump is said to realize Billions of Dollars from his investments across the world every year! Talk of astute boldness and creativity.

There are few simple rules to follow in the interesting game of Real Estate Business however.

These rules will guarantee the continuity, stability and most especially profitability of your business.

They were gathered from my personal experiences working in the field of Real Estate Marketing and from my mentors in the deeper waters of Real Estate Deals.

Please read, share and post your comments!

  1. Do not buy property from a family (Group)
  2. Do not sell your property to a friend on credit
  3. Do not rent your property to your family
  4. Do not rent property to a friend
  5. Do not rent your property to a mentor/guardian/caregiver
  6. Do not rent your property to a colleague/coursemate/churchmember on credit
  7. Do not rent your property to a family relative, distant or near in relation
  8. Do not use your property as a collateral for a friend’s or family’s loan application
  9. Do not rent your property to someone recommended by a friend or family
  10. Do not use entrust the management of your property to a family or friend.
  11. Family and friends are best used as employees of an establishment and not as management
  12. Do not rent your property 0ut of pity as a favor to a friend, or even a family.
  13. Do not rent your property to people who are struggling financially
  14. Please do not rent your property to your Pastor/Imam/Priest
  15. Do not rent your to emotionally unstable people
  16. Do not rent your property to people with questionable income
  17. Do not rent your property to hooligans and ruffians
  18. Do not rent your property to people who love to hear the music play/beats at 100Decibels!
  19. Generally buy property in a quiet and serene location/ environment
  20. Attend to the renovation of your property promptly
  21. Encourage development and renovation of property by giving incentives/discounts to tenants who renovate or develop the property.

Bonus rules:

a. Avoid doing business with people who say “Trust me”: If they were trustworthy, they wouldn’t need to say it. The moment someone tells you, “Trust me”, open your eyes wide and grab your purse to yourself more tightly.

The proBurj Al_Arabblem of doing Real Estate anywhere in the world is the fact that there are too many thieves, clowns and crooks in your way. Stay alert and keep your head up. Don’t do business with thieves and crooks, do business with Kings and Queens!

b. Get the evidence and verify the evidence before you make any purchase.

c. Take your time to negotiate the best deal arrangements. Real Estate Investments are very not very liquid; it takes time to generate your ROI. Don’t rush to close any deal, take your time to think, plan, learn, verify, and research.

d. Cashflow: This is the most important word in the financial life. You must continually have cashflow every month from your property. You can even generate daily cashflow with a little creativity. Why not add a little steak and barbeque shop to make money daily?

e. Never stop learning: Never stop making mistakes especially if you are the type that learns a lot from your mistakes. Let me end with a word from the sage, Steve Jobs, “Stay Foolish!”. Share, Like and Comment





It’s either you ADAPT or YOU die!

The children of Israel that refused CHANGE, that refused God’s Dealings on their lives and on their nation, that refused to adapt, they died in the wilderness.wpid-wp-1406675225504.png
Learn to adapt to new situations and circumstances. Some people respond to change while some others react to change.
The Wilderness is where they eat nothing (Manna). The Manna tasted like nothing because it was nothing and nothing means no thing. God wants to give you peace, Yes! But that will also mean that he will give you nothing.
Peace means absolute nothingness. Peace is a state; a state of absolute nothingness.
God brings you into Nothing (Wilderness) to make you eat nothing and become nothing so that He in His Wisdom would make you into Everything He has made you to be in the Promised Land where you eat everything and you have everything.
God hasn’t brought you here to kill you. God hasn’t brought you this far just so he can get rid of you. No! God has brought you here to make something out of your nothing, out of your nothingness.
Come to think of it, YOU are still HERE! The miscarriages came and left, YOU are still HERE! The huge debt came and left but, YOU are still HERE! Your rent, you couldn’t pay it, it seemed this was the end but, YOU are reading from that same house now! The divorce(s) came and left but, YOU are still here! The pains and heartaches of motherhood and fatherhood seemed endless then but now, YOU are still HERE!
You might have been NO-THING, being NO-THING and eating what can be called NO-THING but, YOU are still HERE!
That’s exactly what God wants to realize, that though it may seem that the enemy has taken everything away from you, He hasn’t taken YOU!
YOU are still HERE! Your HERE may now be the desert, stormy place full of darkness and demons and werewolves and all sorts of evil. You know what? It doesn’t matter no more! For though YOU walk through even the Valley of the Shadows of Death and Destruction, YOU shall FEAR NO EVIL!
So therefore, the only way to adapt is to look within. Animals have displayed incredible adaptation skills that it got Charles Darwin confused into thinking it was evolution. Hey! Look here, there is no evolution! What those birds and animals are doing is simply adaptation!
When it seems like the environment you are in is too hot, then you develop a robust internal cooling system.
When the environment is too cold, you become hot inside! That’s what! That’s the lesson God was teaching the Israelite; in the night, they had a pillar of fire to lead them, in the day, a cloud to follow them. ADAPT!
When you are in the Wilderness, you don’t complain, you adapt! The only two people who survived the Israelite Journey are Joshua and Caleb, they were the people who adapted to change!
When you go out of Egypt, get Egypt out of You. God brought you into this wilderness to get that Egypt out of you.
Get the hurt out of you, get the anger out of you, get the bitterness out of you. It won’t let you see your Canaan!
I believe the black people of the United States are where they are today because of their Sin of Unforgiveness. Their bitterness is the sole cause of their barrenness today. If they could forgive and leave the past where it is, the past, they’ll all become blessed.
You can’t flourish in the Promised Land with an Egypt still lurking around in you!
Say “God, get it out of me!”. The pains and sorrows of the past must first be put out of you.
That’s why we must first purge you, You must first die! You must first become nothing! So that you can become everything God has made you to be. Doing all God sent you to do is a function of you BEING ALL THAT GOD HAS MADE YOU TO BE.
If you sleep in car, yes that’s okay, but only for a while. For the car wasn’t made to accommodate people, it was made to transport people. The car isn’t being all that it was made to be. It could be a bedroom, yes! But that’s not all!
Learn to adapt to change. If you don’t adapt you will die. Don’t react to change, respond to change.
Most of the Israelite were reacting to change, and so they died, a very tragic death at that. But there was an exception, Joshua and Caleb did not die, they lived. Why? They adapted to change.
It is either you ADAPT or you DIE! 2040 is on its way coming, its either you ADAPT or you DIE! 2090 will soon be here, it’s either you are SAD or you’ll be GLAD! Year 2103 is nearing us faster than you can imagine, it’s either you ADAPT or you DIE!
We will soon be traveling to space for leisure, business and sports, it’s either you ADAPT or you DIE!
When the Internet came, Facebook, Apple, Amazon,eBay and Yahoo responded; they lived. General Motors, IBM, and others reacted; they died!
It’s either you ADAPT or you DIE!
Let me end with this advice from someone we respect,
“If you stop Learning today, you stop Leading tomorrow.”
-Howard Hendricks
Adapt or Die

Without Your Commitment, Your Marriage and Relationships will die!

commitmentUntil the love you have for him or her graduates from attachment to true commitment, it will end up in disappointment.

Commitment is another word for “responsibility”.

Taking commitment is taking responsibility for something or someone.

A sound, loving and lasting relationship can only be built on the solid rock of mutual commitment and not on the watery clay of mutual attraction/attachment.

You do not marry simply because you love someone but simply because you want to be committed to somebody.

The question, who are you married to? is simply saying, “who are you committed to?”

Life itself is all about commitment. People who have not learned true and total commitment from life will find it hard to stay married, to stay committed.

To stay married together forever is to stay committed to each other forever.

Ignorance of this simple but difficult-to-follow facts have caused the rot, death and decay of many marriages and in effect of many homes all around the world.

We have gone around and we are still going around asking our upcoming generations to start asking questions.

Questions that their ancestors dared not ask, their parents and grandparents failed to ask.

I don’t pray to God to give me answers, I beg Him to ask me questions.

Questions that will wake me up from my sleep every night, that will jolt me back to His reality.

Ezekiel was asked, “Will this bones live?”. The answer doesn’t matter anymore. It is the fact that he had been asked a question that deserves our consideration.

In our relationships with God and his people, Quality Questions will guide us aright.

In fact someone once said, the Quality of your Life is a function of the Quality of your Questions.

Ask and you shall Receive! Ask God to teach you commitment. How to stay committed to your God, How to stay committed to God’s Word, How to stay committed to your own word, How to stay committed to your dreams, how to stay committed to yourself, how to stay committed to your friends and your life partner.

love, relationship, friendship, marriage

A Scene from the movie, “Something The Lord Made”

It’s important that we learn commitment from Christ Jesus our Lord. Bible says, He did not look at his present affliction but for the glory that was ahead of him, he despised the cross and stood firm in His commitment to His promise.

The one true sign of “love” between two partners is not mutual attraction or attachment or even compatibility.

The one true sign of an eternal relationship is an undying, stubborn and eternal mutual commitment between each partners.

Love isn’t just respect and admiration, it is COMMITMENT!

Learning to love is learning to take responsibility.

If you have not learned how to take responsibility, you will fail in marriage.

If you have failed in staying true, dedicated and loyal to your family, parents, community, friends, nationality and personal identity, you have already failed in marriage.

Loyalty and Dedication is another way of describing commitment.

Your first Loyalty is to God, yourself and then to others that you think deserve it.

You cannot give what you don’t have, and you cannot have what you do not give.

Learn to give Loyalty now so that you can have it and have something to give to your life-companion and family.

We have stressed in every our business seminars that what you need to start your business is not money else many of us won’t be in business today.

What you need to start your business is a clear, crisp and sharp vision and TOTAL COMMITMENT to that Vision.

I believe the same is true for marriage and every other relationships we will have in life.

Stay Committed! It is the only way to get and STAY CONNECTED!

See you sometime!



campusGraduation is one of the most formative times and places of our young adult lives. Soon, you will dive into the chaotic job market and join the ranks of working adults. Once you cross the stage, life gets real.

These are the 17 hard truths you must understand as you begin to navigate the unstable waters of the real world:

  1. A certificate does not guarantee an internship, job or career. It is merely a passport into the professional world. Now you’re in the jungle with the rest of us. May the best man/woman win.
  2. To an employer, you look like every other recent graduate who suddenly needs a full-time job. Unless, of course, your application promises to deliver exactly what the company needs.
  3. Your college coursework, difficult as it was, will never compete with someone’s real-world experience.                                                                                                                                                                                  You need skills ASAP even if they come from an internship or part-time situation.   And never forget: a personal blog will make you instantly more marketable.
  4. Expect to live frugally for a while. Your monthly stipends from parents/wards will most likely stop now. So brace up!
  5. You finished four years (or more) of bloated, lon-winded 12-page university essays. Unfortunately, the real world is busy and demands brevity. Remember: less is always more.
  6. Your resume should be one page in length. Period. You don’t have enough experience warrant two pages, much less three or four. Give employers the best one pager possible, and they will respect you for it.
  7. There are more than ten unemployed people for every job opening. It’s true. You’d better think creatively with your applications.
  8. Order of importance on your resume: relevant skills, jobs/internships and then where you went to school. So stick education at the bottom and put “Skills” as close to the top as you can. Guarantee that’s the first place an employer looks.
  9. “Your diploma is… permission to admit to yourself how much you still have yet to learn.”-Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  10. You first job won’t be your forever job. Don’t think too much about whether it’s the ‘perfect’ situation. If your instincts say it’s a smart move, then go for it and don’t look back.
  11. Google’s top HR person on job interviews: “What you want to do is say; ‘Here’s the attribute I’m going to demonstrate; here’s the story demonstrating it; here’s how that demonstrated that attribute.’”
  12. Forget texting. Forget Twitter. Forget email. Pick up the phone and call someone. That’s what adults do in the real world.
  13. To land a job, you don’t need to live in one of Nigeria’s five best cities. You can create opportunity anywhere you set your two feet. Again, create opportunity. Don’t wait for good fortune to fall in your lap. It won’t.
  14. According to recent statistics, youth unemployment is over 20%. Want to stand out? Go beyond. After a job interview, send a hand-written thank-you note within 24 hours.
  15. If you want people to take an interest in you, then you need to first take an interest in them.
  16. With enough preparation, grit and confidence, you can land any entry-position you want. Be proud of your degree, sure, but from here on out, success depends on you and not a piece of paper.
  17. Ask for God’s help


12753275-successful-black-businessman-celebrating-and-cheering-isolated-on-white-Stock-PhotoFriends! How we all wish we had them! Especially when you begin to realize that all you are ever going to need to succeed in life is people! Why is that? You ask.

Simply because people are needed to help you attain your God-given dreams. Think about it, when you were in school, you needed friends you could play with and even maybe study with.

People are at the heart of sweet and loving relationships. People are at the heart of great and successful businesses. People are the spirit and the driving force of a nation. People are the customers in your business. People are the staff in your business. People are the investors of your business. People are the partners of your business. People are the activists in our nation. People are the political leaders of our nation.

Someone once said that “People are the hardest things to manage”. We can easily manage money and property with some education but people require more devotion and commitment to learn about.

Learning about people can be very tough and exciting simultaneously. Though getting educated about people is far easier than money considering the overly simplistic theories that linger outside there about them but you may discover that many people are still at a loss when it comes to the issue of people. That of course, may be the result of the fact that people are not things, or at least non-living things. We are living things that emote and very unlike animals we have spirits by and through which we relate with each other.

So in life, people are the best things you can ever have but to have people you’ll need some extra-effort. You’ll have a better understanding of that statement when you consider the fact that the author Napoleon Hill took out 25 years out of his life to study some 200 of the social strata of a specific set of people in his country!

And what if I told you that I personally am about clocking my tenth year in my research and study in people; what makes people tick and how to get through to them. This means that almost entire lifetimes will be required in the deepest and most accurate study of people.

The problem with that much long study is that people may not appreciate as they should the various observations and principles that come out of it. This is due to the fact that such long studies usually doesn’t end with conventionally long reports by the researchers but with sheer, unassumingly simple statements like “Think and Grow Rich”, “Act Like A Man, Think Like A Woman” and “Money won’t Make You Rich”.

That is why I want to introduce us to these 3 Simple but Powerful Magical Statements of all time which has worked wonders from palaces to prisons, they are the words that made Joseph the supervisor in prison, they were the very words that took him out of prison, they were the words that brought him before pharaoh, they were the words that made him a prime minister in his world.

They are the words that elevated Gaius Julius Caesar to becoming the Emperor of the Roman Empire at the very beginning of a new age. These words brought favor to Esther in the face of The Persian Emperor ArtaXerxes(Ahasuerus).

Having known a little about the magnitude of those words let us proceed by saying that humans live for one and only one thing only: Respect! Don’t let anybody deceive you or cajole you with words creamed with sugar. We all want some respect and can give anything to have someone honour us.

In fact, nobody wants to go where they are not wanted, where they are not respected and where they are not deeply appreciated unless the circumstances of life are insisting otherwise.

In the same vein nobody befriends someone who either consciously or unconsciously dehumanizes them, depresses them and deflates their ego.

Let’s face it, nobody and I mean nobody (including myself) likes to be humiliated, stigmatized, isolated for derision, criticized or even plagiarized.

So dear, when it comes to the human realm, ego is the keyword; it is the catchphrase. Ego is what literally opens doors and makes you much more money than you can ever imagine.

Just try this! In fact, I want you to try it now! Stop reading and try to walk up to somebody around you and tell the language that you know they can understand that they are the sweetest thing you have glued your eyes on today and they have been the greatest part of your day ever!

I bet most (if not all) of them will blush at you and just say a nice and warm ‘thank you’. Now if you happen to need them later in the day, I bet they’ll literally jump out of their skins to help you out.

That is one good reason I have never had to be physically involved in a fistfight. Because people around me stand up for me and ‘discipline’ whoever was disturbing my peace. Now that was in my high school days! And that was only a minute faction of the whole story of how people stood for me in my defence, in my favor, in my stead back in those days.

Of course, today people have become even more interested in me as I have also become even more interested in them.

People need somebody around them to lift up their ego. This explains why the Kings of France had their so-called “Special Advisers” and the Emperors of Asia had their so-called “Most Trusted Advisers” whose had it as their major duty to extol the King beyond his human ability.

The sole duty of palace courtiers is to praise and magnify the King above all others. The Emperors of the Ancient World had as friends as the case may be men who considered it their lifelong duty to lavish their praises only and only on the king.

So here goes the 3 Magical Statements that can make the world which if and when not spoken can mar the world; PLEASE, SORRY, THANK YOU!

We start with the word, ‘PLEASE’

  1. PLEASE: Please is the card you pull when you want to make a request of somebody. There is an ‘harshness’ that comes with making a request. Like I have said people are egoistic, ego-masters and are ego-driven. We want to be sure at all times that we are the True Masters of the Universe and nothing and absolutely nothing can and will happen without our own command.

As a matter of fact, if anything rises up that makes it look like this our belief is false, we feel broken and our ego is deflated. So someone walking up to us and making demands of us without the corresponding remark that perfectly reminds us of our majestic self punctures our puffed ego balloon and has made us into something of slaves; subjects of another(the person making the request).

“People don’t really care what you do or do not do. People do not care what you say or do not say. You see, what people care about is how you made them feel”.-SOAL

“You become an important person to the person you have successfully made important and you are very important to the person you had made feel very important.”-SOAL

Considering the above observations, you would not even want to bother another human being by making request of him/her. And yet we need to make request of one another each and everyday.

So how exactly are we supposed to make such requests? We are to make requests of people as we would be expected to ask the favor of a king’s intervention in an helpless situation.

The word, ‘PLEASE’ may seem so ephemeral and too simple to evoke any changes in your life and family but I need to remind you that the most powerful things of your life usually are not significant at first glance and look and sound too simple.

Now to illustrate, using a typical statement-

1. “Daniel, give me that bag!”-It sounds like, ‘You son-of-a-what-have-you, you brat, you good for nothing idiot, you had better give me that bag or I will have to do something to you that you will regret forever!’.

Now, that is surely not (in most cases) the intended interpretation by the speaker but that was probably how erroneously the message was received by the hearer, in this case, Daniel.

Making statements like these depresses people, makes them feel like slaves.

2. Now let us go on to correct that statement and avert the calamity it could have caused by simply adding a simple ‘Please’. “Daniel, please give me that bag.”

Will make Daniel more willing to respond because you have approached his mightiness as you would a real king. ‘Please’, you must note, is an overly used word.

It has become so overused that to emphasize its masterly use will seem like stating the obvious. But the obvious scenarios deny this assertion any tangible proof of potency.

Many people have not really learnt how to reach out of their own egoistic selves and nature to other people’s egoistic self and nature. Hence, the word, ‘PLEASE’ still remains very important in our world today.

2. SORRY: The next magical statement after please is the word, ‘sorry’. The lack of this word is the source of bickerings, complaints, and endless naggings. It is a words that comes with responsibility.

“People don’t like taking responsibility that is why people don’t like saying, ‘sorry’.”-SOAL

This reminds me of the artiste Akon’s best hit tracks, “SORRY, BLAME IT ON ME” in which the opeing lyrics were the words, “trying to learn more and more about  responsibility”.

I also remember saying “Sorry” simultaneous with the person I am trying hard to say “Sorry” to. This is in fact an infrequent occurrence and I know that, despite that fact, you experience it too (at least occasionally).

Husbands and wives quarrel endlessly sometimes with blows, other times with words and in some highly tensed and emotionally charged situations, just plain silence.

The person raking on and on about how expensive the shoe you marched was, how precious the plates you broke were, how what you did to them hurt them to their heart is simply demanding a simple ‘sorry’ from you and that would have taken care of the problem.

Never let a minor disagreement escalate into a full-fledged hatred, hostility, and resentment. Be humble and be sincerely honest with yourself and simply say, ‘sorry’.

What if you were not to be blamed for what happened? You ask. Akon in that his beautiful song said, ‘even though the blame is on you, I will take that blame on you and you can put that blame on me.’

Often we do not recognize that whoever is getting the blame is the getting the control and vice versa. It should be a thing of pleasure borne of understanding and not unnecessary endless pain to take blame for something wrong and simply say ‘sorry’.

Definitely we are not to be blamed for everything wrong in life and it is very unrealistic to take blame for every wrong done to everybody in the world. But I make it out to you that people would love you better and like sticking up and around you more when you are the quickest person to say ‘Sorry’ of all the other people in their lives.

This rare ability to muster the strength and resolve to say ‘sorry’ at every slight provocation will make you a Magical Person to be with because it is a Magical Word,”SORRY”.

I have lived happily and joyfully with very difficult people that other people considered ‘social disasters’, ‘brutes’ and ‘snobbish’ partially because of my understanding of the Magic in the word ‘Sorry’.

In fact, some of them immediately took an instant liking of me and even almost made me their best and most trusted friend. You can start cultivating this habit of saying ‘sorry’ anytime someone feels they have been offended by you and I guarantee you that a brand new chapter wiould open up in your life.

  1. THANK YOU: The last magical statement is “THANK YOU”. People (including myself) easily degenerate into habits of ingratitude over time after taking some favor, blessing or opportunity for granted.

We believe anytime we call, we will always get an answer and it is mandatory that we get an answer. We knock on doors we feel, for granted, will always open and so it becomes increasingly difficult  for us to see the need to feel much less show gratitude for something that seems to be ‘always there’.

We take our parents for granted. We take our siblings for granted. We take our spouses for granted, some of us even take our children for granted. ‘Why not?’ we say, ‘after all they are my children and I’ll always have them’.

‘Thank You’ seems so little, so perfunctory, a passing phrase but its magical powers onn people are limitless. It brings you more favors, opportunities, blessings and most importantly, friends.

Most people (including myself) like to become friends with people who say thank you for every good done to them all the time. That singular ability makes them a rare breed of human being nobody wants to lose so easily.

And do you know the word, “THANK YOU!” can win you promotions at work? Try it today! And you’ll see the magic. May these three Magic Words bring you Good Luck this year! Please feel free to drop comments or contact me for other things you would like me to post here.

Thanks a Million!12753275-successful-black-businessman-celebrating-and-cheering-isolated-on-white-Stock-Photo.jpg

Make Money Trading Stocks in 2016!

c175a6e005533619694663cc3f5168a5Investments in stocks has become one of the hottest investment topics in newspaper columns, finance magazines, boardroom gists, and even late night bedroom discussions.

Is it true that one can make money investing in stocks? My answer is an emphatic yes!

Not only can you make money, you can become a billionaire investing in stocks and other paper securities like options, derivatives, bonds, etc
Have you by any chance heard about a Warren Buffet? Or a man who goes by the name George Soros?warren-buffett_2365411b

These men have only one thing in common; they became multi-billionaires investing only in stocks.


Coming back to Nigeria, we have heard of our own Femi Otedola, Jimoh Ibrahim and Dr Ausbeth Ajagu.

I will be completely inaccurate if I fail to mention my personal inspiration and role model when it comes to investing in Nigerian Securities.

This person of course is Oba Otudeko who is an heavy trader and investor in almost any significant Nigerian Investment Security.

He has also made billions carrying out his meticulous investments in the Nigerian Capital Market.

Now let me go into the details of what experts look at before investing in any stock at all.
We shall start with the fundamental question of what makes prices go up and then we’ll do a tutorial on: fundamental and technical investing, effect of inflation on stock market and conclude with you should look for in stocks that can make you more money.
What makes stock prices go “up” and “down”?
Stock prices change every day because of market forces.

By this we mean that stock prices change because of “supply and demand”.
If more people want to buy a stock(demand) than sell(supply), then the price moves up!
Conversely, if more people wanted to sell a stock than buy it, there would be greater supply than demand, and the price would fall.
That is basic economics!
Understanding supply and demand is easy.

What is difficult to understand is what makes people like a particular stock and dislike another stock.
If you understand this, you will know what people are buying and what people are selling.
If you know this you will know what prices and what prices go down!
To figure out the likes and dislikes of people, you have to figure out what news is positive for the company and what news is negative and how any news about a company will be interpreted by the people.
The most important factor that affects the value of a company’s is its earnings.
Earnings are the profit a company makes, and in the long run no company can survive without them.
It makes sense when you think about it. If a company never makes money, it isn’t going to stay in business.
Public companies are required to report their earnings four times a year (once each quarter).
Market operators watch with great attention at these times, which are referred to as earnings seasons.
The reason behind this is that analysts base their future value of a company on their earnings projection.
If a company’s results are better than expected, the price jumps up. If a company’s results disappoint and are worse than expected, then the price will fall.
Of course, it’s not just earnings that can change the feeling people have about a stock.
A company’s future prospects also counts. Let’s consider NSL TECH for instance, the company still enjoys capital appreciation despite a not too impressive result but the future prospect of the company is enormous considering the fact that it is a major frontier in the cashless economy campaign.
Let’s assume the company makes a breakthrough in the said project, then we talk of another Microsoft in the country.

Earnings and future prospects are not only the factors that determine if prices of stocks will go up or down other factors do.
So, what are “all the factors” that affect the stocks prices? The best answer is that nobody really knows for sure.
Some believe that it isn’t possible to predict how stock prices will change, while others think that by drawing charts and looking at past price movements, you can determine when to buy and sell.
The only thing we do know is that stocks are volatile and can change in price very rapidly.

Look out for the sequel to this article: 3 Important Things You must know as a Stock Investor!

Until then begin to trade your way into Millions in 2016!

How to build a successful IT Career.


There is no standard method or formula for ensuring IT Career success.
In fact, there are many career approaches and options.
However, sustaining and building a successful IT Career should not be left to chance.
IT Professionals often have to deal with a variety of situations that could either threaten or sustain and grow your IT Career.
1. Do plan and Execute Your Career in a proactive manner.
It is not enough to work, or to decide that you want a career, in IT.
Set your career goals and determine the steps you should take to realize your goals.
Don’t approach your career in an unplanned manner, by simply hoping the best.

Ask yourself these questions: where are you? what are your goals?

How are you progressing and how do you want to progress?
Take an honest look at your situation and take control.
Review trends in the IT industry and your needs. The plan should be based on information gathered from credible sources. Be realistic by setting attainable (reasonable) goals.
And make sure you execute the plan.
2. Don’t focus on IT Career Tools and Trends
New products and fadsare the order of the day in the IT industry, especially in the career sector.

Examples are new certifications and the latest training programs.
IT Professionals need to observe these trends to be relevant.
However, though training and certification have their uses, they should not be your focus.
Training, formal education and certification should not be pursued without regard to your career goals.
Use them as stepping stones to where you’re going.
Employ training, certification or other career tools if and when they align with your career goals-short- and long-term.
It doesn’t make sense to aim for a “hot” certification that wouldn’t help your career growth.
3. Do have passion for IT
Do you enjoy what you do in IT? An IT career is just like choosing any other career.
If you have no talent for it and no interest in it, just don’t bother with it.
IT is not for everyone. The course, degree or certification you take is of no effect if you are not excited about what you do.
You will find it easy to motivate yourself when you enjoy what you do.
When you have a passion for IT, you will find it easy to learn and make yourself do better at what you do.
Consider the nature of the job, stress factors and work environment, as well as work requirements.
You must love what you do to reach high levels of achievement.
4. Don’t Build Your Career on Unrealistic Expectations
The “get rich quick” belief is the most unrealistic expectation of may who opt for IT Careers.
If money is your sole aim, you won’t last under the intense workload and incredible rate of change.
IT is professionally and financially rewarding only if you focus on acquiring practical skills and building your career rather than on immediate benefits.
Also, don’t confuse training and certification with a career. Education and certification will give you skills and knowledge, but you still need experience and attitude.
Building a career as a DBA is not the same as completing a certification in a database product.
Certification, training and experience have different roles to play.
It is your responsibility to know which form of expertise you require as you progress on your career path.
5. Do Focus on Gaining Useful Experience
While training and certification will help you acquire relevant skills and knowledge, there’s no substitute for the experience of solving real-world problems.
Much of the skills and knowledge of an IT Professional is gained through practical experience.
However, experience is not just about the number of years you’ve spent on the job.
It is about job effectiveness and capability.

The quality of your experience is reflected in your ability to provide solutions quickly and creatively.
One of the biggest challenges facing those in the IT profession is getting necessary practical experience.
Getting yourself in the door, however, requires initiative.
Sometimes you may need to volunteer or take less than what you feel you deserve to get the experience you need.
It is important not to keep job-hopping all in the name of gaining experience.
What has the new job got to offer you in terms of your career?

How to make N9.9Million yearly from an empty plot of land.

Invest in Ceremonial Halls and make money hosting events and parties

Day in day out opportunities and new avenues of making lots of money to boost income, sustainable one for that matter, keep on unfolding from the property sector of the Nigerian Economy.
In recent times, one of the emerging ones is hosting of events and parties.
Believe it or not, so many people are new earning more income particularly on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays by providing opportunities for people to have a stress-free wedding reception, birthday party, seminar, launching, religious activity, social or town meeting and various other socio-cultural, religious and political activities.
By investing in building a hall, opportunities abound through which facilities can be leased out to users at good rates.
People’s population keep increasing, and thus the number of businesses, marriages, birthday parties, AGMs of firms and corporations, seminars, burial ceremonies, religious crusades and programs, exhibitions, film shows, musical concerts, etc.
Halls in Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Abuja go for between N100,000 to N500,000 for 4-5 hours per day.
2 plots of land developed into 8 flats of 3 Bedroom each will fetch about N2.8Million in a year at N350,000 per annum in a developed area of Lagos Mainland not considering high construction cost involved.
The same land if used to build a sizeable hall with parking space in the same environment will fetch N2.3Million in lesss than 3 months together with cost of construction which is very low.
Practical Analysis of How to make at least 9.9Million in a year.
A particular open space in Ogba area of Lagos State, with only the fence well decorated and floor well concretized, small room toilets and changing rooms for male and female, enough chairs, canopies and stand-by generator, with efficient service delivery, this hall is always booked every weekend and even during the week for a flat rate of N180,000 per use.
Considering a complete 52 weeks use through out a year, minus during the week, this hall probably rakes in over N9.9M yearly.
Plus big hall construction will amount to N25,150,000
Computational Analysis for one-time investment using half a plot of land (9MX36M)
Design & Approval Purpose N300,000
Fencing N380,000
Concrete Flooring all through N260,000
Wall cladding & Plastering N380,000
Painting N80,000
Roofing N300,000
2 Plots of Land(36MX36M)
Design & Approval N650,000
Fencing N600,000
Flooring N700,000
Landscaping & Beautification N200,000
TOTAL N4,650,000
This same success can be recorded in other states of the nation and even in any other country you find yourself.

How to design your own website from the ground floor up in 3 simple steps.

4Website designing is about designing pages on the internet thereby creating awareness or presence of one’s company or products on the internet.

What is a website? A website can be defined as a connections of collections of webpages that offer information and all other media, hence, the name ‘web’.

Thus, a website is a collection of pages that are linked and closely knitted to one another.

To start completely bring you to the understanding of website designing, we will be considering an illustration.

Mr Ben of WebImation Inc. just received an huge IT Contract from a company by name XTEssential Oil Corporation.

Ben is to design the website and make it appealing to the audience.

The website must be full of information about the company, its products and its services.

Black male student with computer7
Mr Ben has to interview the MD of Operations Department to learn the Organizational Profile of the company, the staff’s pictures, functions, expertise, etc.

When he gets back to his office, he starts pondering, “Where do I start?”.

Then he creates the homepage of the website in a leaflet of his diary.

He then comtemplates the pages and the number of pages that will be involved. He finally decides to use ten (10) pages.

He gets on his computer system and designs the pages. Next he transfers them to a computer on the network of his company (this computer is always online).

He then thinks of a name to be given the website; he decides to use http://www.XTE.com.

The last problem he has to solve is “how will people type this name on their browser’s address bar?” he then makes use of a computer on his network that stores such names.

Pronto! He’s got a website!

Of course, this is an oversimplification of the web design process but I am sure it will give you a perspective and an overview of all what it means to design a website.

Website vary greatly in terms of content, sophistication and complexity in which case you may find web designers in a situation where they are still in the project planning phase of the project for months.

The timeframe for project development and completion is entirely dependent on the scale of the project among many other factors.


From the illustration, we can see that to design a website, Ben had taken just three simple steps which are:

1. Web Pages Design and Web Content Creation

2. Web Hosting

3. Domain Name Hosting and Registration

There are three types of website:

1. Ready Made Websites with sub-domains which are usually free and editable.
It is always not advisable to use these websites where large corporate presence is required.
Examples are http://www.bestpro.wetpaint.com, http://www.inevitable.elive.com, etc

2. Coded HTML Websites: are the ones you have to code using the HyperText Markup Language.

It is very important for you to use HTML and other coding language when building high security oriented websites like that of the Oil Company of Ben, Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Firms, eTrading Platforms etc

3. WYSIWYG Websites: These are websites created by the aid of Web page editing softwares like Frontpage, Dreamweaver etc.

3 Steps to designing a website

Step 1. Web Design and Web Content Creation-This is where you create and edit the pages of the website.

You should start with your homepage and then design the other pages very well so that they link well with your homepage, remember the saying “all roads lead to rome”.

Let all pages have a link to your homepage.

This content creation depends on the type of website been designed as this involves the words, pictures and animations on the website’s pages.

Step 2. Web Hosting: After you have designed the website so much that it interests you, your friends and even appeals to your enemies, then you know you’re ready to get it online i.e. get in on the internet.

If you finished the website in a software, it’s most likely that you’d have saved the file to your computer launched it in your browser and then, that’s the best it gets.

To make every Tom, Dick and Harry on the internet to have access into your website, your computer must be a very powerful one and a type that does not shut down no matter what.

Sure, you know you can’t always leave your PC on.

If you didn’t shut down, any poker around your computer can do that (even your rats, while you’re still snoring could hit their legs on the power button and continue with their sniff-sniff business).

This shutdown could have adverse effects on your website and create a bad name for you and your website.

Imagine a million people surfing around the webpages you designed and all of a sudden, their screens go blank or they get a server error in their browsers. They’d want to eat you up and some will even mutter curse words or swear words or any other available unholy utterances against your website. All these because of a mischievous rat!

Get up! And don’t fix blames on a tiny rat, just fix the problem. Your website is actually a group of computer files that for it (your website) to have continued existence on the net needs to be on a computer that does not shut down.

Unfortunately, only a few geeks have these types of computers, we call them, “Servers”.

You have to pay these guys a token amount and they’d like rent out a storage space on their computer to ‘Host’ your files.

Doing this means you’re now online. Welcome to the world of webhosting
There are many webhosting companies on the internet with each offering different offers on prices and services.
Such websites are:
Loving Domains-www.lovingdomains.com

There are also the free web hosting companies


Step 3: Domain Name Registration and Hosting-Like you don’t exist if you’re nameless, so is your website without a domain name.
People type http://www.something.xxx into their internet address bars and in a flash the homepage comes up!

The http://www.something.xxx you typed is the domain name.

You also need to register this name and host it on a server usually called a Domain Name Server(DNS).

Free Domain Name Servers

You upload your website to your online server using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Softwares.
FTP Voyager -www.ftpvoyager.com

Publicize your website in forums, blogs etc. I will personally recommend http://www.addme.com. There are search engines and directories to add your new website to their large databases and collections.

There is no limit to the millions you can rake in per month designing websites for churches, organizations, groups, associations, schools etc.

So why not start designing your first website today?